Why I Did a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Why I Did a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Mind & Body Reset

Quarantine 15? Well that was part of it. After over 3 months of drastic life  changes from being in quarantine, home all the time and eating garbage, having to restructure my business, a ton of anxiety and insomnia, minimal exercise, and everything else we are all experiencing, I finally woke up one day and was sick of being sluggish. It’s no secret I have belly issues, and they certainly get 100 times worse with stress. I’ve also had no motivation to do anything (except eat junk food!) so that combo isn’t pretty. I wanted a fresh start, and after a lot of research, I decided on a 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. (Yes, you can juice it all yourself, but it’s SIX 12 ounce juices a day, plus, have you ever cleaned a juicer!? I do love mine for the occasional juice making, but not today.)

Day 1

I woke up and was so excited to try them all. I picked up the full cleanse the  night before, and couldn’t wait! 

You drink one bottle every 2 hours, so I wasn’t really hungry (and also realized how much eating I’ve been doing out of boredom) and each bottle is a different flavor. It was kind of exciting to see what each would taste like. Surprisingly, I really liked all of them! 

I felt pretty good all day and went to sleep.

Day 2

I woke up SO refreshed! I hadn’t slept that good in a long time. I was really sold on this whole juicing idea. I started drinking bottle #1, but the excitement definitely had worn off since I now knew what they all tasted like. I was also getting hungry.

Later in the day I was starting to realize I missed food. I was now really hungry, scrolling through Instagram, and was not amused. By juice #4 I was pretty much over it, but decided to stick it out because I made it this far. I knew my body needed it because it was alarming how much I was craving unhealthy food. This was fully mind over matter and it was a challenge. I ALMOST caved and ate some Cheetos and a chocolate chip cookie. 

Hanger is a real thing. My head was killing me and the hunger pains were REAL. I was pretty grumpy and went to sleep, not sure I could do Day 3.

Day 3

VICTORY! I made it. I slept great and woke up feeling great! Decided to carry on and complete Day 3. I couldn’t believe how much energy I had for not having had solid food in 3 days. I was over the juice though. It was hard to drink them all for a third day. I went out and ran a few errands, continued to drink a ton of water, and felt pretty good. No headache today, my stomach felt great, and I overall felt so much lighter and refreshed. I was also down about 5 pounds, which I’m sure is water weight, but it still feels good to get back on track of eating healthier and exercising.

Now What?

I woke up feeling amazing on the fourth day. Would I do it again? Probably. I was going back and forth if I would do just 2 days or 3 in the future, but now that it’s over, I’d probably commit to the full 3 days again.

I will gradually add food back in to my diet, and am going to try to minimize the junk. I have a hard time sticking to strict diets because when I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I couldn’t eat ANYTHING, and now that there are so many options, I like to try what I can! I’ve also had to do so many extreme diets like Low FODMAP (if you know, you KNOW the struggle.)

If I feel good, I eat what sounds good. But for now, my body and mind feel reset. I’m so glad I stuck it out! 

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